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Oct 30, 2012 8:00pm EDT
was giving a speech, i don't know, day before yesterday at tech crunch in san francisco and talked about the need to be a revolutionary and that's the way founders and entrepreneurs need to think of themselves. and i personally have had a theory myself, and i wrote about it in regard to zuckerberg and facebook that the founders of innovative tech companies are the most impactful social revolutionaries of our era. but that implies a sort of an urgency that i wonder if is widely enough understood. that's what i'm driving at. any thoughts on that? if what you guys are doing is truly revolutionary, then either people ought to be really scared of it, or they ought to be getting onboard real fast. >> or both. i mean, there's entrepreneurs who are trying to -- there are two types of entrepreneurs. there are some who are looking to create an interest withing product or service and have -- an interesting product or service and have somewhat modest ambitions. they're just trying to start a business, and that's fine. they're an important part of the economy. and the other which are swinging for the
Oct 17, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, schwarzenegger, they never came close to kerry in los angeles or san francisco or san jose or oakland or any of the other major cities of california. the fact is when you have a large diverse jurisdiction to mushes both urban and rural and suburban areas come you campaign the whole jurisdiction obviously republicans win all the time in any of the biggest states as well as any of the small state and with a few exceptions, the democrats win at least some elections in virtually every state. so when every vote counts, you will have an election in which every voter is engaged and that means the interest of every voter will engage. george w. bush come to free trade president of the free trade party 2001 came out with quotas. the large small business administration grant for a cheese factory in ohio refers to as the tastiest investment the federal government has ever made. but the fact is the battleground states are not only when they've run into. of the campaign, but when they are sitting and governing for four years and thinking in the election, or when they said and think about whether to get th
Oct 24, 2012 8:00pm EDT
with the gentleman from san francisco with the medical malpractice only contribute site -- slightly to health care costs. we would not have to rebound to reform because we would not have lawsuits. >>moderator: we have 20 seconds for a bottle. maffei: it is important and marie talks about the 6. 7 billion. it was insurance companies cuts to provide services this has been proven wrong by the post standard even president clinton mentioned it. it is in the paul ryan budget. so when she talks about to do differently she has not. where is that change. >>moderator: ann marie buerkle. it cuts medicare by $700 billion that is a of a cut of medicare vantage by 250 billion the cbo estimates them to be more. medicare is a federal program cut to the services hospitals and doctors can provide seniors. the impact will be real. year already hearing from constituents they cannot find a physician to treat patients. it is a real -- real consequence. >>moderator: they give. 302nd rebuttals. >> this debate over health care is indicative of the dysfunction macy and washington the affordable care act is modeled after ro
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3